Our summer program taps into the potential of ambitious high school students,
supporting you through the process of launching an actual startup.

Join a highly-curated group of promising young entrepreneurs from around the globe for four intense weeks.
You'll learn from industry experts and work in a group of peer co-founders
to build real products and solve business challenges in viable ways.

LaunchX isn't a business plan competition - students start real companies.
These startups are driven by using the design thinking process to discover innovative opportunities,
backed by extensive market research, multiple iterations of prototypes and user testing,
and gaining traction through getting real customers and partnerships.

Apply now to become a part of this amazing community.

We look for students who display initiative, impact, resilience, and collaboration.
Let your entrepreneurial spirit show through in the application.

The application materials we ask for are as unique as the LaunchX program itself:
you will put together a short video, answer some questions that give us a profile
of your entrepreneurial propensity as an individual and how you'd contribute
to a team and our community, plus your previous experience in activities and innovating.
We're excited to get to know you through this process, and we hope you enjoy it as well!

Questions about the process?  Check out our website or for quesitons not answered there,
email us at

For technical support, email  


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